Venetian Blind Automation: DSC patented system for inserting C venetian blind slats onto string tape (on-line and off-line application).

The DSC unit for insertion onto string tape is used in both in-line and off-line applications. It includes between 4 and 6 insertion shuttles positioned by numerical control over a length of 6 metres.

Each shuttle carries the textile and includes the Dallan patented lifting, positioning and opening system of the string tape. The profiles are inserted one by one at a speed of up to 22 slats a minute.

The machine receives the data regarding curtain size and position of the shuttles from the central software (in on-line systems) or through reading a barcode label (in off-line systems).

The machine is suitable for operating with flat and C slats with widths of 60mm, 80mm up to 100mm.