Venetian Blind automation: destacker for bundles of cut-to-size profiles (off-line application).

The DALLAN DV1 is an advanced solution for Venetian blind automation, specifically designed as a destacker for bundles of cut-to-size profiles in off-line applications.

This innovative machine enhances efficiency and precision in the production process of Venetian blinds.

Off-Line System Utilization

The DV1 operates within off-line systems, offering a high degree of flexibility and reliability. It is equipped with a CNC-actuated system, which utilizes suction cups to handle the profiles delicately. These suction cups meticulously extract individual Venetian blind profiles from a bundle and transfer them to the feeder. The feeder then delivers the profiles to the subsequent processing stations, ensuring a smooth and continuous workflow.

Customizable Picking Stations

One of the standout features of the DV1 system is its adaptability. It can be configured with up to two picking stations as a standard, but it offers the flexibility to be customized for up to five picking stations. This customization capability allows operators to load multiple bundles simultaneously, significantly reducing the need for constant supervision and intervention. As a result, operators can efficiently manage the production line, focusing on other critical tasks while the DV1 handles the profile destacking.

Operational Efficiency and Output

With the DV1, the process becomes more streamlined and efficient. Operators can load the machine with multiple bundles and attend to other duties, knowing that the DV1 will reliably manage the profiles. At the end of the production line, completed Venetian blind curtains are ready, having undergone precise and automated handling throughout the process.


The DALLAN DV1 is a testament to advanced engineering and thoughtful design, providing a robust solution for Venetian blind profile handling. Its CNC-actuated system with suction cups, customizable picking stations, and off-line application capabilities make it an indispensable tool for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity and maintain high standards of quality in Venetian blind production.