Venetian Blind Automation: patented system for inserting S and Z profiles onto loop tape (on-line and off-line application).

We have developed a technology offering very high output for S and Z profiles: the DALLAN AUTOMATION DZC system.

This unit can operate both on- and off-line; it works on profiles without hooks and in just one single process applies the right and left hooks and locks the profiles onto the loop tape (up to 10 hooks can be applied concurrently)

The line can work with slats from 65 to over 90mm in width and easily adapts to Z, S and mixed CZ or ZS profiles. It consists of a five or six meters long base on which between four and six shuttles are positioned. Each shuttle has two loaders with vertical magazine or vibrator magazine, and applies right and left hooks simultaneously: that is the secret behind the production speed of this patented Dallan line, which assembles up to 12 finished slats every minute. Once the curtain is ready, the loop tape is cut and the curtain is delivered to the operator or the stacking robot for delivery to the subsequent stations.

Programming is simple and user-friendly; the machine receives shuttle position data from the central software or through reading a barcode label.