Double roll-forming heads for maximum flexibility and precision.

The DALLAN DUPLEX flexible roll forming machines are divided into two classes, the DUPLEX D4 and the DUPLEX D5. Like the DALLAN T4 and T5 lines, they are used for different types of materials and thickness.

The DALLAN DUPLEX lines feature the DALLAN COMBI units with two opposing forming heads with overhung shafts, which can be moved nearer or further away, to process profiles of varying widths. They are most commonly used for profiles for suspended ceilings, for external cladding, for rolling shutters and Venetian blinds boxes and for construction profiles.

These lines run at a speed from 30 up to 120 metres a minute; the width adjustment of the Combi units is numerically controlled. Since the Combi units are independent in terms of adjustment and drive unit, flexible channel and U sections can be made not only with different widths but also with different height flanges! The DALLAN NONIUS adjustment system makes for very fast and precise roller adjustment even by personnel with little or no rollforming experience, thereby allowing materials of different quality to be used.

The structure of the DALLAN DUPLEX roll formers has been studied so that traditional DALLAN COMBI units without overhung shafts can be installed on the same bedplate, making DALLAN DUPLEX machines even more flexible and versatile.