The benchmark for precision rollformers.

The DALLAN T4 roll forming machines are suitable for machining the thinnest materials, starting from 0.2 mm thick. They are used in the production of rolling shutters, profiles for drywall construction, profiles for suspended ceilings and T-bars, external Venetian blinds, Lighting fittings insect screens and many other products.

They can count from 4 to over 50 rollforming stations, depending on the complexity of the profile and the number of folds or bends, and run at speeds between 30 and 160 metres a minute according to the customers’ requirements.

The DALLAN T4 lines are the first model of roll formers manufactured by Dallan, which have evolved over these last 35 years with the addition of DALLAN COMBI fast product changeover systems and accessories for quick and easy adjustment and straightening of the profile.

The structure is truly simple: a solid welded base (which can be placed on any industrial floor) includes the drive gear and the machine protective devices which allow profile quality to be monitored during production. The electronically-controlled shears for cutting the profile are also installed on the base.

The DALLAN COMBI G4 unit installed on the roll former includes the drive system and the shafts on which the sets of rollers are assembled; top quality materials, lubricated gearing systems as well as roller and ball bearings for the rotating parts ensure machine efficiency and reliability when operating continuously over several shifts.

The DALLAN T4 system is appreciated worldwide for its simplicity of use and adjustment as well as its extremely high reliability, which allows our roll formers to be used for decades.