Can you manage 138.750 cubic meters of profiles?

September 2021 News, Rollforming
13870 metri cubi di profili

Imagine having to manage such a volume of production, in a year and with a traditional system: you need at least four systems of 60 meters per minute, and twelve operators in each shift, working in three shifts.

Not to mention the avalanche of space needed, not only for production, but also for handling and strapping the profiles!

If you have such quantities, logistics is a real nightmare and all the manpower ends up making the process unprofitable: you end up working at a loss especially now that the prices of raw materials are skyrocketing!

Well: this enormous production volume (138750 cubic meters * per year, in fact) is what the Dallan D4K Coil to Pack system can produce in a year at 240 meters per minute, equivalent to approximately 50 million linear meters.

With Dallan technology, you can reach this incredible productivity with just two operators per shift!

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* Production is calculated on 3 production shifts, 250 production days per year with DIN type 100mm guide and upright profile


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Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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