VIDEO – Dallan D60 rollformer for the production of steel door frames

November 2020 Rollforming

Today we are in the Dallan 1 building to introduce you the Dallan D60 rollformer, a unique system for the production of door frames, that processes steel door frames up to 2mm thickness.



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One QR code, many information

The Dallan D60 line starts with a double 6+6 ton overhanging decoiler, that provides the raw material.

Then it continues with a first punching unit that executes the first pilot holes and stamps a QR code that includes all the informations needed during the entire process.


QR code printed for the production of steel door frames


Exceptional quality with all possibile flexibility

A 24 stations Dallan T5 rollformer with 4 combi groups produces a profile of exceptional quality.
Each combi group has an indipendent motor, to make sure the profile is continously in the right tension.

After roll forming, the a basement that holds 24 punching tools, executes holes, embossings, threading and all the operations that make up one door with all possible flexibility.


Rollformer combi group


Easy as keyword

The QR code brings on the instructions to program each of the processing units.

The Stamping dies are easily accessible and assembled on special “Electro-mechanic” Combi groups, that can be easily lifted and interchanged to make different profiles on the same line, to make sure the maintenance is easy and straightforward.


Electro-mechanic Combi group for the production of steel door frames


Save more than 50% of production time

At the end of the system, another unique Dallan solution: this unit executes the cut +/- 45° with two disk saws that move simultaneously, saving more than 50% in the production time.

Then the 90° cut is done by means of a cutting die, then the frames are delivered, in the correct order, to the final belt conveyors.


Cutting dies for the production of steel door frames



This Dallan system is one of the highly customized solutions for door frames, a business we are in since 1990.

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