Product logistics and Efficiency: Andrea Dallan’s lectio magistralis at the University of Padua

November 2020 News
La rivoluzione dell'efficienza di Andrea Dallan all'Università di Padova

The 10th of November 2020, the Dallan S.p.A. C.E.O., the engineer Andrea Dallan, intervened by teleconference during a class of the 5th year of the Mechanical Engineer Degree of the University of Padua, to discuss with the students about the topic: “Product logistics and Efficiency”.

Taking a cue from his first book, “The Revolution of Efficiency“, Andrea Dallan took in exam some foundamental themes regarding the company’s efficiency and how it can be increased going to improve the specific aspects of the company’s management.


You can watch the whole video into the University of Padua website just clicking in this link





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