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August 2020 Rollforming

Today we are in the new Dallan 4 building, to present you a very interesting and versatile line: the Dallan D4S stamping and roll forming line.

This configuration of line is extremely flexible, thanks to the stamping unit in the beginning that uses a CNC roller feeder and a 100 ton press that activates special dies with pneumatic selectors.



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Smart software, flexible punching path configuation.

The software that controls the machine activates and de-activates the different areas of the dies, in order to produce the desired pre-punching path.

Dies are interchangeable, similar to the Dallan combi groups, and this allows the production of several types profiles in the same line. In this case the profile includes a complicated perforation path, and the production proceeds smoothly and fast up to a speed of 30 meters per minute.


Dallan interchangeable dies


T4 roll former: maximum precision, as usual.

After the press, the material goes to the Dallan roll former through a loop. The profile is made out of PVC covered steel, a pre-finished material which is one of Dallan specialities.


Dallan T4 precision roll forming machine


After the roll forming, a sensor reads the position of a special pilot hole so we are always sure to cut in the right position, even with a flying shear system like this. Finally, the product is conveyed out of the machine through a set of conveyors.


Versatility, flexibility, fast. All in one.

Dallan D4S is extremely versatile, flexible and fast: this exact system produces three different profiles with different combis, and it can be adapted to future developments of our customer.


Roll forming and stamping line overview


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