VIDEO – Venetian Blinds automatic production with Coil to Window Technology

July 2020 Rollforming

Coil to window is the Dallan technology that allows to produce ready curtains in the rolling shutter and venetian blinds systems, just by entering the dimensions of the finished window, and without scrap.

In this video-article you will discover the powerful Dallan D48 system for the production of ready curtains of Venetian Blinds, with the highest productivity in the marketplace.

This Dallan automated machine offers: top productivity, highest flexibility with parametric programming, high material efficiency with scrap close to zero!

This Dallan system forms the “Z” profiles complete with all punching operations and applies the head pins. Then the profiles are delivered to a further unit that shoots all the side hooks at once – up to 12 – and assembles the profiles onto the loop tape.



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Profile roll forming and rubber gasket in-line application

The first module is the decoilers: one holds the aluminum material, and the second the rubber gasket. Both are motorized so there is always constant tension on the gasket and this is extremely important for the quality of the final cut!

The Dallan precision T4 rollformer forms the Z profile with 16 stations and inserts the rubber gasket. The flying cutting and punching unit performs on the profiles all the necessary holes for the lift tape. Holes have a special double embossing to ensure the long duty of the lift tape.



Holes and pins application in a unique production cycle

The profiles are then transferred via a set of tranversal conveyors to the unit that applies the head pins. The amount and position of the head pins is controlled by the Dallan Touch program. This is very important: the presence of a buffer before and after each machine, ensures that each machine always works at its maximum speed.


venetian blinds automatic production system


Parametric programming: lean approach means fastest interaction

The programming of the dimension of the curtain is parametric: the width of the window, the number of profiles and all the parameters can be inserted by the operator and visualized with our wizard on the Dallan Touch, or they can be taken directly from your ERP system. At Dallan the team of software engineers are able to customize the interface to almost all ERPs.


Dallan software parametric programming


Side hooks and loop tapes automatic assembling

Via this second conveyor, the profiles are buffered and sent to the Dallan DZC machine that applies the side hooks and the pins. This technology is covered by an international patent, and is very unique in the marketplace. In fact, all the side hooks are shot in one single operation. We can have from 4 up to 6 shuttles that position themselves automatically following the parametric program.
This technique assembles up to 10 profiles per minute, with a length up to 2 meters and with three loop tapes, the fastest system on the marketplace!

After the curtain is assembled, the loop tapes are cut and the curtain can be removed manually or through a manipulator.


Discover all the automation systems for Venetian Blinds production!


venetian blinds ready curtain


The widest solutions range for Venetian Blinds production

Along with this setup, that offers the highest productivity, at Dallan we have a complete set of solutions for the production and assembly of Z and S venetian blinds, with compact layouts and even off-line.

Dallan D48 means productivity, total automation and top quality of the final product.


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