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September 2020 Corporate
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“The Revolution of Efficiency is filled with the observations and wisdom of someone that has spent a lifetime in very challenging thin sheet metal manufacturing applications. Andrea Dallan frames the conversation around the need for metal manufacturers to focus on four factors when it comes to figuring out what should be the next important capital equipment purchase: efficiency, productivity, flexibility, and automation. He also includes a very informative discussion of formulas that can be used to flesh out these considerations. I enjoyed reading this book.”
Dan Davis, Editor-in-chief, The Fabricator

This book enjoyably illustrates the rewards of being open to innovation as a manufacturer – reducing waste, increasing productivity, increasing quality and saving time, material and cost. Leveraging the four fundamental concepts of efficiency, productivity, flexibility and automation, and offering a wealth of practical tips and advice borne of experience, Andrea Dallan outlines key paths to sheet metal success.
Sara Waddington, Editor, International Sheet Metal Review

“Efficiency as it had never been told. Who is the main competitor of a company that offers technology? The answer is simple: resistance to change. The book The Revolution of Efficiency is an invitation to many companies to reconsider production cycles from a “LEAN” perspective, recovering unexpected profit margins. ”
Fabio Chiavieri, Technical Director of L’Ammonitore (IT)

“Increase profits by optimizing processes: the Revolution of Efficiency is an enjoyable and interesting book which analyzes, thanks to direct customer testimonials, the different systems in which a sheet metal company can generate efficiency, increase profits and optimize the processes. ”
Fabio Boiocchi, Editorial Coordinator Manufacturing Division, Tecniche Nuove (IT)

“Dimensions of efficiency: the constant consideration of efficiency is one of the most important foundations of success, as Andrea Dallan states in his new book.”
Volker Albrecht, Chefredakteur, BLECH Magazin (DE)

“The history of a company at the service of Efficiency: with testimonies from many companies in the specific sector of cold sheet metal working, this book really is aimed at all companies to offer solutions towards more efficient processes.”
Vincent Lebugle, Rédacteur en chef, TOLERIE (FR)



They say the hardest part of writing a book is deciding the title and writing the introduction. Both should be done once the book is finished, but it wasn’t like that for me.

The title was a flash of inspiration.

I was in the middle of writing and I was mulling over various options for the title, including “The efficiency method”, “Lean production applied to the processing of thin metal sheets”, “The Zero Standard method”, “The principle of Efficiency, Productivity, Flexibility and Automation”, as well as a number of others.

But nothing doing… I was unconvinced.

As I was writing the chapter on efficiency and automation, I ‘d collected a lot of accounts and I realized that, for many of my customers, the introduction of our systems and work processes had brought about a true, positive revolution in their companies. The term “Revolution” often came up in my interviews.

Revolution in terms of higher profits, less time for production and organizing production, cycle optimization and reduction of the work in progress. Coil-fed processing lines introduce a great many concepts of Lean Production, naturally and immediately. Obviously, this required the support of a structured, specialized company 🙂

The term “Revolution” also reminded me of coils rotating on decoilers.

So: “The Revolution of Efficiency”.

As soon as the idea came to me, I put it in writing. I liked it and was intrigued by the concept of Revolution, which evokes the subversion of rules, associated to the term Efficiency, which evokes tranquility, safety, control of the situation, continuous and progressive improvement, as well as sustainability.

These two terms, which are almost at odds, seemed perfect and even rendered the book’s title slightly provocative.

Once I’d written it down, I thought about it for two days before finally settling on it and I now feel the title “The Revolution of Efficiency” is the perfect frame for the huge effort to write and distill my thoughts that I’ve just completed.

Given the current situation with COVID-19, I considered whether to postpone the release of this book to next year. Instead, I chose to bring the publication forward to the end of the summer because now is exactly when entrepreneurs and companies have the time and opportunities to analyze their processes and identify where they can be improved.

I also added a collection of useful tools, that I’ve created over the years, to calculate the hourly cost of systems, the production cost of a sheet metal product, the payback of a system and much more at the end of the book.

I make them available to readers gladly.


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