Foamed roller shutter doors up to 100mm: Dallan professional rollforming line.

This line is the Dallan system for making extremely rigid and high-strength aluminium or steel profiles for industrial doors with up to 12 meters span opening. The 100mm foamed roller shutter door profile is the intermediate solution between the 77mm profile and the sectional door. It is stronger than the 77mm profile and has the advantage, over the sectional door, of not requiring ceiling-mounted mechanisms. Many roller shutter door manufacturers both in Europe and all over the world are moving towards this new type of profile.

The line comprises a decoiler, T4 roll forming machine, high capacity foam injection machine, polymerisation benches, circular saw and unloading table. Up to 30 metres a minute of the required profile can be produced and “non foamed” areas can be created near the cutting point in order to insert the plastic caps.