Investing in a Dallan sheet metal working plant allows you, our customer, to take advantage of a wide range of services, starting with the advisory service provided by our specialists for the study and design of your product. Upon completion of the machine, line or plant, service continues with the final test and inspection and installation. The Dallan after-sales service has more than 40 field service engineers and 6 remote service specialists.

Final test and inspection and Installation

The final test and inspection at Dallan premises and installation supervised by our specialists: guaranteed end result.

At Dallan every machine is always tested on Dallan premises, prior to shipment, with the end customer present.

During the final test, together with you we check the quality of the finished product, the construction and the performance of the system or plant; we also train your operators free of charge. Experience has shown us that this final test and inspection reduces installation times on the customer’s premises by more than 50% and in fact most of the systems we deliver are installed and running within one or two weeks from the arrival of our technicians.

Our technicians who work abroad can speak – in addition to Italian – English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian and can therefore talk with your employees in the language they prefer: this also makes installation much easier and is for you a further guarantee of an optimum end result.

Servicing including Remote service

Dallan remote service: how to have a Dallan software engineer in your company.

At Dallan we have developed and implemented an internal remote service structure, which is currently available on most of our delivered systems/plants and can also be applied to many machines that have already been delivered and installed. Using special routers we can connect up to machine PLCs and drives so that a precise diagnosis can be made and in a great number of cases the parameters can be reset and the system/plant restarted immediately.

This service plus telephone assistance means we are always on hand to resolve technical problems or simply to give advice on delivered machinery.

Dallan service also includes more traditional types of service such as the certified spare parts service and the technical support service with more than 40 field service engineers.


The safety of Dallan machines: a plus value for your business.

Eight years of constant research and work have seen a complete evolution of the concept of safety in roll forming systems in general.
Double speed and dual channel insertion systems and controls, precise analyses of the unloading areas and of interface with other systems mean that the supply is suited to or can adapt to all sorts of production conditions.

We can adapt to meet the safety laws and standards of more than 80 countries to which we export our systems; our in-house specialists and external consultants keep up to date on international laws and standards.

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