Application: the Dallan® NET-EX® drywall profile

Апрель 2013 News


Dallan research strives to create even more efficient and reliable roll former systems, but the company’s role as designer also encourages it to suggest innovations in relation to the products that they make. One very good example of this is the DALLAN NET-EX drywall system, which is a special Dallan patent allowing the classic stud/guide for plasterboard to be made with a central expanded part.

This patent covers both the product and the process, but a licence for use is granted free of charge to customers that purchase the DALLAN NET-EX production system. The NET-EX expanded profile system has various advantages over the classic “solid” profile and not simply with regard to the saving of material. These advantages are:

— Better sound insulation
— Better heat insulation or “fire protection”
— Better ventilation of the wall
— More flexibility in the positioning and passing of cables

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