Applications: T-bar structure profiles

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The systems for manufacturing T-bars for lay-in metal suspended ceilings are a Dallan Spa speciality. The speed of production, the wide range of machines covering all needs (from manufacture of the profile to packaging and palletising) and the very high quality of all the profiles in the system have made Dallan a benchmark in the metal suspended ceiling sector.

The suspended ceiling system with lay-in panels/tiles consists of a structure that is usually made up of 4 types of profiles: the 3600 mm tee or main runner, the 1200 mm cross tee, the 600 mm cross tee and the perimeter trim/wall angle. The tees are joined together through hook-in ends made in the actual tee or through welded-on connectors: Dallan offers its clients solutions for all types of fastening as well as patented profile and connector solutions.
Inverted T-bars are attached to the existing ceiling with special adjustable hangers. Once the structure is installed, mineral fibre or metal panels/tiles are inserted, which are normally sized 600×600 or 600×1200 mm although Anglo-Saxon and other measurements are often requested.
The exposed side of the tee is 15 or 24 mm wide and is made from pre-painted metal coil, while the structure is usually in galvanised steel. The dimensions, including thickness, can vary according to the required load-bearing capacity and the reference market.
Beside the standard tees, Dallan also offers its clients special profiles such as the UT Bar and the FUT Bar (photo). These profiles have a darker decorative line in the centre and innovative LED lighting can be installed inside (photo).

Applications: T-bar structure profiles

Dallan supplies complete production lines, such as:

  • all-in-one integrated production line for Main Runners, 600 Cross Tees and 1200 Cross Tees
  • dedicated production system for Main Runners
  • dedicated production system for 600 and 1200 mm hook-in Cross Tees
  • dedicated production system for 600 and 1200 mm snap-in Cross Tees (staked-on alloy hook)
  • dedicated production and packaging system for Main Runners working at a rate of more than 100 metres a minute
  • dedicated production and packaging system for 600 and 1200 mm Cross Tees working at a rate of more than 100 metres a minute
  • palletising and integrated systems for the various lines.

Applications: T-bar structure profiles

The modular systems have been designed to expand together with client needs. The equipment for the basic systems, for example, can be integrated and extended to achieve the very high output rates of the fully integrated systems.

The DALLAN COMBI® quick roller change system makes for very fast machine setup for different types of profile, optimising the profile heights of the various elements that make up the system.

In addition to the T-bar production systems, Dallan also offers its clients all the necessary machinery and equipment/tools to complete the T-bar grid system for lay-in suspended ceiling, such as:

  • stamping lines for T-bar fastening accessories
  • roll formers for producing the pre-painted perimeter trim/wall angle
  • roll forming and packaging systems for the wall angle
  • perforating and bending/folding systems for 600×600 mm and 600×1200 mm lay-in and clip-in type panels/tiles
  • production systems for clip-in type panels/tiles
  • production systems for perforated or solid linear ceilings
  • production systems for cell grid suspended ceilings

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