Dallan® — Excellence in metal sections and profiles

Июнь 2011 News


Dallan Spa develops exclusive, cutting-edge technologies that allow clients to offer their own market superlative top quality products that can be integrated with all accessories and complementary sections making up a perfect product system.

Before designing the machines and tooling, the Dallan® Engineering technical office makes an in-depth study of the design of the section or profile and of the product that will be made by the machines.

The expertise offered by Dallan® is a benchmark for a diverse range of market sectors, which use metal sections and profiles for interior finishes, plasterboard, foam-filled aluminium roller shutters, Venetian blinds with side guide wires for exteriors, suspended ceilings, T-bars, slats for interiors and exteriors, air treatment, metal shelving and furniture.

Since the establishment, 32 years ago, Dallan® has manufactured for its clients more than 6000 sections and profiles and set up more than 2500 plants with varying degrees of automation, from the simplest roll forming machine to the plants complete with packaging of the sections that large multinationals demand.

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