Dallan Spa 2014 exhibitions: after Shanghai, Moscow and Madrid, in the Autumn there is also Hannover, Dubai and Paris

Июнь 2014 News

We have already exhibited at five events since the beginning of the year: R+T in Shanghai, Mosbuild in Moscow, Turkeybuild in Istanbul, Lamiera in Bologna and Veteco in Madrid. We are continuing to target the most important international markets, where our customers show us their appreciation for the quality that the Dallan brand represents.

Towards the end of the year we plan to go to:

  • Euroblech in Hannover (from 21 to 25 October), which is the most important world trade fair for the sheet metal machining sector;
  • Equipe Baie in Paris (from 18 to 21 November)
  • Big 5 in Dubai (from 25 to 28 November).

The international nature of our market has also been highlighted by the regional councillor for productive activities, Elena Donazzan, who came to visit us and published a fantastic review of Dallan Spa on the Internet, rightly summing it up as “a pocket multinational”.

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