Июнь 2011 News

Dallan Synergies offer solutions from the simplest Machine to the most complete Integrated Production System, starting from the raw materials (coils) the fully finished product, complete with all parts and accessories, assembled, packaged and stored. This is the result of the experience that Dallan and its associated companies have developed in more than 30 years’ business.

From the monobloc rollforming machine to make simple profiles cut to length, they have evolved into integrated lines and production plants that include perforation lines, CNC punching lines, rollforming and stamping to produce fully processed and finished products. Now, together with the production Machines and plants, Dallan Synergies supply Integrated Production Systems and Product Systems.

The Integrated Production Systems start from the raw material strips (with longitudinal cutting of the strips — slitter) to the final product and packaging of the finished product.

The Product Systems include all the Machines, Integrated Production Systems and Know-How that are required to make the product and all its components and accessories, which perfectly integrate into a top quality system.

For example, the rolling shutters product system includes:

  • Rollforming machines for making the foamed slats for the shutter in various sizes, with speed between 37 and over 70 meters per minute,
  • Packaging systems for rolling shutter bars and complete curtains
  • Rollforming lines for octagonal tubes
  • Double head Duplex rollforming lines, complete with bending press and rolling machines for making the rolling shutter boxes – pelmets.

The Lay-in and clip-in suspended ceiling system includes:

  • Rollforming machines for making the T-bar profile from the start-up machine to systems that produce tens of millions of meters per year.
  • Packaging systems for the Main Runner and Cross Tee profiles.
  • Rollforming lines for Clip-in panel structures (Spring Tee)
  • Perforating and bending lines for perforated panels with Lay in and Clip in systems.

The gypsum board system includes:

  • Rollforming lines for making the structure profiles at speed from 30 and 120 meters per minute, with additional systems for up to 240 meters per minute.
  • Packaging systems for the gypsum board profiles with varying levels of automation.
  • Rollforming line for corner bead profiles, perforated or plain, complete with packaging.
  • Stamping line for fixing accessories for the gypsum board false ceilings.
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