The new system for suspended ceiling panels with very high output of up to 14 formed panels per minute

Июль 2013 News


DALLAN has been manufacturing lines to produce suspended ceiling panels for more than 25 years. To meet the increasing demands for high output from emerging markets, Dallan has developed a new model of production line that offers a performance far above those of previous versions.

The system comprises a first unit for drilling, notching and press forming with a force of 130 tons, which produces:

  • 6 perforated panels a minute
  • 25 plain panels a minute

The really new feature of this application is the second unit: a fully integrated Cartesian robot feeds panels into the forming press. The whole system consists of a bench for positioning and aligning perforated and notched panels, the Cartesian robot with perimeter suction cups and the DALCOS® PQ-30 high-speed hydraulic forming press. With this new set-up, the system turns out no less than 14 perforated or plain lay-in, panels per minute, non-stop and without operator intervention.

Click here to request the video of the new machines >>

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