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DALLAN precision roll-forming machines

Roll forming machine: Dallan full range to meet all production requirements

Dallan has focussed ever since 1978 on manufacturing precision roll forming machines for thin wall sheet metal profiles (up to 2mm). We have therefore acquired a great deal of experience in the production of precision profiles and in machining prepainted and prefinished materials, with more than 2780 systems installed and 7300 profiles created in these past 35 years. Our high degree of specialisation means we can offer customers not only the forming machines and lines (with all the equipment, tools and machinery to obtain the finished product) but also the profiles and accessories which complete your product system.

For example, to make a roller shutter you need the rollformer that makes the profile, the machine that assembles the curtain and applies the end caps, the machine that makes the tube (axle) on which the curtain is wound and the machine for making the shutter box which houses the shutter. Dallan can offer all this plus the advice for finding the raw material suppliers to ensure a top quality final product and perfect operation of the assembled system.

More than 100 international patents testify to the research and innovation that Dallan has accomplished over the last 35 years and protect the technological know-how of Dallan as well as our customers’ competitiveness.

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